Modesty meets contemporary

style in Muslim clothes exhibition

on display in Canberra


Curator Glynis Jones said high-fashion Muslim outfit was among the largest growth locations in the global fashion industry.

She stated Australian Muslims were adapting style to suit them.

"Garments that express their faith however also permit them to check out the nuances of fashion and patterns," she said.

The Australian designs on show in the exhibition consist of everything from casual wear to official designs and swimsuit.

The exhibit likewise spotlights influential Muslim fashion blog writers like Delina Darusman-Gala.

Female fashion bloggers sharing their designs and ideas online have actually motivated numerous young Australian Muslims to express their uniqueness through their clothes.

Visitors to the show have the possibility to browse through Muslim style publications and street style images along with look at local designs in detail.

The program also profiles a number of high-profile Australian Muslim women, to get their views on life, career, faith and fashion.

The exhibit, Faith Fashion Fusion, is on show at the National Archives of Australia up until September 4.